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My father named Maria Cecilia for the ship that took him into exile to Chile, saving his life from a political persecution as cruel as relentless when he was only 25 years old. In addition, Santa Cecilia is the Patron Saint of Music, who survived the torture and suffocation to which she was subjected because of her faith, singing and smiling in honor of God. It will be for both reasons that my sister Ceci always lives up to her name, and sails even today, through the rough waters of this hard life, smiling and singing, preaching her faith and her love for God and for the neighbor, radiant, youthful and proactive.

She was born in Santiago de Cuba, next to the Sierra Maestra, when Fidel and his bearded men fought with Batista's troops ... And as a baby she showed her miraculous joy and her determination to live. My mother told me that she practically did not cry in the bombings!

Already in Lima, as a child and adolescent, she was very shy and I, the “funny” and joker of the family, had enough of it with nicknames and jokes in bad taste, although we always loved and respected each other. She overcame my younger brother jokes with the only and wise strategy she has always applied: coping and not facing. I love her very much and I thank her for being as she is: good and noble, cheerful and eternally youthful.

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“Superstudious” to the core, was infallibly the first place in its class at Colegio Belén (SS.CC.) where she studied her primary and secondary school in full. She studied Communication Sciences (Journalism) at the University of Lima, very close to home, being also the first of his promotion at the University. And she started my second career, Sociology, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, but could not conclude it by accompanying her husband abroad for many years (they lived mainly in Nottingham, United Kingdom, and Santiago, Chile). Finally, she obtained his Master's Degree in Communication at Florida International University in Miami.

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With only 16 years she began working as an announcer on the radio program "Since then loving" on Radio Nacional del Perú. Then she jumped on television for 18 years, being the news announcer on Channel 4, along with the great gift Arturo Pomar, one of the teachers in the field. She had many programs of her own, including a feminine and family one on Peruvian public television, Channel 7. Also very young (20 years old), she married the great love of her life, Geology Doctor Jorge Injoque, and had three beautiful children Alex , Rodi and Guille. I was the proud godfather of her first son, a distinction that honors me, and shows me once again, his enormous love for me.


She became the Dean of Communication at the San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL), Director of the Graduate School of the Ricardo Palma University (URP), etc. Together with her husband and children, she lived in the United Kingdom and Chile, where she took the time to train and travel around the world. But the tragedy struck her when the Shining Path terrorists shot her husband when he inspected a mine above 4000 meters high.

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Since 2001 she lives in Miami in the company of her sons and daughters-in-law (not yet a grandmother), travels a lot and shares her joy of living, the one she has in his blood, as a coach and consultant for couples. Over there they know her as "Doctor love" and she does not stop traveling and preach a kind of sexological consulting with mystical trims.

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Unique combination, totally unusual, like everything in her, which will forever be, for me, my beloved sister Chilita. We see each other little, but when we hug and chat, everything is again endless laughs, jokes and relax. Life with Ceci is a relaxing and cheerful melody that accompanies you, humming hope and communicating illusion. Thank you little sister, for being as you are, valuable and simple, so human, close and cheerful.

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