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My son Gonzy was born on February 18, 2000. I had always been told that the feeling you have when carrying your son in your arms is unique, but with Gonzy it was really something magical, because I had him in my arms all the holy day for years , while I could load it. We were a two-headed happiness, contemplating the world with the excited eyes of a reborn child in me.

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Gonzalo Alegría: Equipo
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Gonzy in his childhood was beautiful, blond and blue-eyed, almost translucent. Over time it ended as now, a tall, blond young man with greenish eyes. Of a serene beauty and personality, my son is studious, honest and good. Straight and simple. Count on all my love, my support, my respect and gratitude, for being as it is.

Gonzy lives with me, and is very, very happy, which congratulates me as a father.

He studies International Business at a prestigious Lima University, which will grant him a double degree (with the Florida International University). He also studies English at the Peruvian American Cultural Institute (ICPNA) and is at the advanced level, close to examining the TOEFL. Daily, from Monday to Sunday, he goes to the gym and eats very well. Maintains a slender and beautiful body and has a girlfriend on Economics student, discreet and beautiful, that I like very much.

He loves mathematics and is a good chess player, besides the gym he likes football and his only recognizable flaw is that, as a good European, he doesn't dance very well that we say tropical rhythms (salsa)… He was born in Madrid and lived a large part of his life in Europe, therefore, maintains an unmistakable leave, which is slowly peruvianizing. He loves yellow potatoes, and if it were for him, he would eat it boiled at all hours.

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His smile, his hugs and his conversations accompany my days of home and family, like a prize that God has sent me. For many reasons, Gonzy is a miracle of love, which has overcome and will overcome all vital, professional and business problems that may arise in the future. Because it is equipped with the best socially admissible weapons: virtue, beauty and goodness.

Gonzalo Alegría: Servicios

Some bad people thought they could manipulate or mistreat him. Luckily, he fulfills the biblical maxim of "meek as a dove but cunning as a snake." It does not harm anyone, but neither does it allow itself to hurt or mistreat absurdly. And that is very good. Because in life we ​​have plenty of bad people that God must punish, so that they learn that he is unworthy, pays.

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